My name is Nicole Simone. I'm a romance author of dark and twisty character-driven novels that will make your mama blush. When I'm not lost in my imagination, you can find me basking in the beauty of the Northwest, and or curled up on the couch with a good book. 


The Road in Between

Laurence was it - the end of the line - my prince in a sea of frogs. When he proposed, I slipped the dazzling diamond on my ring finger without hesitation. Little did I know our vows, in sickness and in health, would be tested before our marriage had even begun, shattering the future we painted so brightly.

A year later, single and forging a new life in San Francisco, the past was unshakable. As was the love I had for the man who captured my heart at first glance.

An unattainable fantasy, Laurence haunted my dreams and taunted me with the reality of what could have been. If I wasn’t damaged goods, if I was able to have kids, if if if….one thousand and one ifs.



What They’re Saying

"Love of a Rockstar is not your usual rock star romance. It's more a story about family, love and finding your own path in life."

Smokin Hot Book Blog

"I so look forward to reading more from Nicole as this was the first book I've read of hers and certainly won't be my last!"

Kindle Customer

"This is not your ordinary zombie story, or even your typical voodoo story either. There is something completely different about this book that sets it apart from the rest of the books that are out there. Nicole Simone manages to create a world that easy to get lost in. I couldn’t put, "The Accidental Kiss, down after I turned the first page."

Alexa From Between the Lines


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