Broken Lullabies is Now LIVE!

I’m sorry for the delayed post. Like I said on Facebook, yesterday I came down with a nasty bout of food poisoning that knocked me on my ass. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my 25th birthday but your guys outpouring of love for Broken Lullabies eased the sting.

I’m so thrilled you opened your arms to Camille and Matthew’s story.  It wasn’t the easiest to write and definitely required the most revisions but in the end, i’m proud with how Broken Lullabies unfolded.

Right now i’m working on Sean and Melody’s story called Melody of Truth. You can get a sneak peek of it at the back of Broken Lullabies. I’m aiming for a release date of October 26th.

Oh! And also before I forget, Broken Lullabies is on sale for $1.99 on all digital platforms this week only. YAY! Grab a copy and read it underneath an umbrella while you dig your toes into the crystal white sand. Wishful thinking?


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